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Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems

Since it first rolled out in the 1960s, Electronic Article Surveillance has become one of the most effective and popular methods of securing valuable retail merchandise against theft. Its usage is so widespread, that it is estimated that almost three-quarters (73%) of retailers harness its power.

Meanwhile, the past 40 years have seen major developments and improvements in both its detection capability and visual appeal, with a wide range of tags and pedestals available to suit any environment.

Know your frequency.

There are three commonly used types of EAS – radio frequency (RF), acousto magnetic (AM), and electromagnetic (EM). The main difference between them is the frequency at which they operate. This frequency is measured in hertz. Each type of EAS has benefits, making some systems more suited to specific environments than others.

Radio Frequency8.2 Mhz

Radio Frequency

8.2 Mhz
Acousto Magnetic 58 Khz

Acousto Magnetic

58 Khz
Electromagnetic366 488hz



If your business is considering an EAS solution as part of your loss prevention strategy, here are some facts that you need to know.

Radio Frequency

  • RF Technology (8.2 MHz) is the most mature and cost effective EAS solution available.
  • This solution is widely used in the apparel industry along with hard and soft tags offering a very good detection range;
  • Integrated synchronisation settings and LED Environmental Diagnostics

Like other EAS technologies, swept-rf uses a transmitter to create a surveillance area where tags and labels are detected. The transmitter sends a signal that varies between 7.4 and 8.8 MHz (millions of cycles per second), which is why it is called swept; it sweeps over a range of frequencies. The transmitter signal energizes the swept-rf tag or label, which is composed of a circuit containing a capacitor and an inductor or coil, both of which store electrical energy. When connected together in a loop, the components can pass energy back and forth or “resonate.” The frequency at which the circuit resonates is controlled by matching the storage capacity of the coil and capacitor. The tag responds by emitting a signal that is detected by a receiver. In addition to the small tag signal, the receiver also responds to the much larger transmitter signal. By detecting a phase difference between these two signals, and other properties of the tag signal, the receiver recognizes the presence of a tag and generates an alarm.

RF accessories and consumables:

Identitec Rf 01

RF Soft Label:
up to 1.30m

Identitec Rf 02

RF Square mini tag:
up to 1.50m

Identitec Rf 03

RF tag with

Identitec Rf 04

RF Electronic

Acousto Magnetic

Identitec’s Acousto Magnetic System (58 KHz) is an advanced software-driven system capable of excellent detection of DR labels and hard tags. With good resistance to interference and intuitive software diagnostics. AM technology is a mature solution and a good choice for any store. Our flexible configuration options caters for small, medium and large entrances.

The AM System includes a built-in jammer detection, a favourite tool of professional shoplifters. Integrated synchronisation settings. Additional software options include frequency sweeping, advanced noise filters and choice of alarm sound/light. Remote troubleshooting via internet is available for first line and long-distance support which reduces unnecessary technical call out fees. Input: 220V AC, 50-60 Hz.

AM accessories and consumables:

Tag Detacher Releaser

Tag Detacher Releaser

Hard Tags Pencil Tags

Hard Tags Pencil Tags

Am Electronic Deactivator

Am Electronic Deactivator

Bottle Tags

Bottle Tags

DR Labels

DR Labels


EM antennas and EM technology is a niche solution that offers a great solution for libraries and DIY stores pharmaceutical, butchery and retail stores. It has the advantage of using small, thin adhesive labels for libraries which can be deactivated and reactivated. The discreet security labels are read by a security scanner within retail stores and libraries.  Library security labels can a deactivated upon check out and reactivated upon return.

EM accessories and consumables

Em Sensitizer Desensitizer

EM Sensitiser / Desensitiser

  • De and Re-activator for Library EM Book Labels
  • Activating and deactivating EM labels
  • Compatible with all EM labels
Em Tail Tags Em Cd Labels

EM Tail Tags / EM CD Labels

  • Tail Tag: 165mm x 4mm
  • For use in libraries and book stores
  • Clear de-activatable label
  • Ultra slim double-sided label with adhesive strips
  • Label is inserted between the pages of books
  • Extra long tails
  • Label is well hidden
  • High detection performance


Locking Exit Gate

Locking Exit Gate

Trolley Stopper

Trolley Barriers for Retail Security

Optional barrier to offer protection against potential damage caused by shopping trolleys.

  • Sleek design
  • Strong and robust
  • Highest quality stainless steel

Identitec’s KidScan Solution

Identitec’s KidScan Solution offers innovative and safe solutions to this concern by tagging and tracking children with physical tags that are detected while they do what they do best… play.

Kids Security

With Identitec’s KidScan Solution, the risk of abduction or disappearance can be significantly reduced, providing greater security and peace of mind for those involved.

Identitec’s KidScan Solution is an innovative and reliable way to ensure the safety of young children in public places. Providing an added layer of protection and a heightened sense of awareness allows caregivers and parents to monitor the movements and whereabouts of their children in real-time. This provides peace of mind for parents and caregivers, who can rest assured that their children are safe and secure while having fun in public environments.

Kids Security3

Kids tags

Improved Safety and Security
Enhanced Peace of Mind
Efficient Childcare Operations
Reduced Liability and Increased Accountability
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