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Process & Workforce Management

ShopFlow Logistics

ShopFlow Logistics is a cloud-based mobile logistics system for handling routines such as receiving goods, inventory, balance adjustment, ordering labels printing and waste management on both Android and IOS operating systems.

ShopFlow Logistics Benefits

All-in one solution.

With ShopFlow Logistics, you get all the functions you need for efficient in-store logistics management – Inventory, Order handling, Goods received, Price Check, Labels.

Be in control.

Get full control over the inventory process and other backend processes – the administrator master what to do, when and where.

Latest technology.

Use of the latest technology, including cloud-based solutions makes easier and faster start-up and less equipment in the store. With support for Android and iOS, you get flexibility when it comes to hardware devices.

Customer satisfaction.

ShopFlow Logistics empowers your personnel to perform better and be more accurate when informing customers.

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Workforce Connect™

Workforce Connect™ provides an integrated suite of solutions that enable employees to stay connected with their teams and access the information they need to do their jobs.

It features:

  • A unified communications system
  • Task management system
  • Analytics dashboard

The unified communications system provides secure, real-time messaging, voice, and video collaboration. The task management system enables supervisors to assign tasks, monitor progress, and analyse performance. The analytics dashboard provides detailed insights into employee productivity and performance.

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Why retailers need Workforce Connect™

Retailers need Workforce Connect™ to help streamline their in-store operations and ensure that their employees are well-equipped to deliver excellent customer service. This helps retailers stay organised and efficient and allows them to quickly respond to any changes in customer demands or store operations. Furthermore, the platform offers powerful communication tools such as group messaging, walkie-talkie functionality, and alerts to ensure that employees stay connected and informed.


Increase Productivity: Workforce Connect™ helps employees stay connected in real time and informed throughout their day, allowing them to quickly respond to tasks that demand instant action, i.e., security alerts, stock availability, customer assistance.

Improved Communication: Workforce Connect™ streamlines communication. All employees within an organisation, managers, team members, and 3rd party service providers, are instantly connected via a secure platform making it possible to execute urgent actions quickly and monitor progress.

Automation of Tasks: Workforce Connect™ automates tasks to help save time and reduce errors. By setting up automated tasks, employees can minimise having to leave the shop floor and can therefore focus on ad-hoc requirements and offering customer their best shopping experience, whilst managers can easily track performances and get up-to-date visibility into the status of their projects.

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